Colheita 2009



Traditional port varieties, mainly Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Sousão and Tinta Roriz from La Rosa’s A graded vineyards.


The Colheita makes a wonderful digestif - delicious with many desserts; chocolate, fruit and dried fruit based puddings such as mince pies.  It can be matched with cheese or simply drunk on its own. wonderful digestif - delicious with many desserts; chocolate, fruit and dried fruit based puddings such as mince pies.  It can be matched with cheese or simply drunk on its own.


The Colheita is similar in style to other La Rosa ports – well defined, with a good structure, mature tannins and soft wood undertones. La Rosa ports are slightly drier than most and the brandy is well integrated.  
2009 produced wines that were very aromatic with exceptionally mature, dense fruit which characterises this colheita. This port has almost 10 years of ageing in barrels which gives it more liquorice, black chocolate, vanilla and some exoticism. On the palate, there is an incredible exuberance, a true explosion of flavours in perfect harmony.
This Colheita successfully marries two worlds – the energy and opulence of fruit from Ruby ports and the elegance and complexity of Tawnies.
The port gives immense pleasure for immediate drinking.  Please make sure the bottle isn’t kept in direct sunlight otherwise it might oxidise.


We had a dry year - it only rained 285mm from January to September. The early summer months were quite fresh but in August and September the heat arrived. We started picking a week earlier than normal and sugars were relatively high. Yields were slightly down on the norm. The areas that did best were North facing slopes and the ‘meia encosta’ – half way up the hills. We were well placed as many of our vineyards were in the ‘right’ place. 
The vintage went well for those who really knew their vineyards as picking at the right time was vital. A few days too late might have meant overly ripe grapes. Jorge and Nuno’s indepth knowledge of the vineyards paid off and we have made some fabulous wines.


We practice a sustainable agricultural regime being part of ADVID & SATIVA.  We don’t use genetically modified organisms nor do we use animal products so vegetarians can drink our wines.  We recycle where possible and are HACCP & BRC rated.


Colheita ports are vintage tawnies, kept in large wooden casks called “tonels” in our own lodge for at least 7 years before bottling.  The idea of a colheita is to produce a wood aged port from one single year (often a ‘vintage’ port quality year).  This port was foot trodden in granite lagares and matured in the ‘toneis’, some of which are over 100 years old.  The 2009 Colheita as bottled in April 2018
Unlike most port shippers, all our ports are stored and bottled in the Douro (at La Rosa and not Porto), allowing full traceability and ensuring quality from grape to bottle.            

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5,000 litres
Total Acidity:
4.93 g/dm3
Volatile Acidity:
0.4 g/dm3
107 mg/dm3
Residual sugars:
104 g/dm3