"Close spacing of the vines gives us excellent fruit quality with an appropriate amount of vegetative growth to ripen the grapes."

Vine Spacing

Careful consideration is given to the spacing of the vines as this will have an impact on the overall balance of the mature vines. If the space left is too wide, the vines will not have the capacity to fill the fruiting wire, over cropping could be a problem and fruit quality would be affected. On the contrary, when the space is too narrow, excessive foliage and canopy density are problems giving vegetative flavours to the grapes.

Typically the spacing of vines is determined by considering the site vigour and the expected size of the vines. The rocky, schist soils of Quinta de La Rosa are low in vigour

supporting small vines which need to be planted close together in order to fill the canopy completely and maximize sunlight interception. We normally choose a spacing of between 0.8 to 1 metre apart.

Row Spacing

In our old terraced vineyards, such as Val de Inferno, the spacing between the vine rows is only 1.5m. This allowed enough space for a mule to plough the vineyards and the vineyard workers to carry out tasks such as harvesting and pruning. While in our newer vineyards of Patamares, we leave a space of 2.6 metres between the vine rows. With this wider spacing, we can manage the vineyard floor mechanically using vineyard tractors and sprayers specifically designed for narrow vineyard culture.

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