TONEL N. 12 | 10 YEARS

Tonel 12 | 10 years


94 pts James Suckling June 2018
92 pts . Revista de Vinhos . Portugal
90 pts . Wine Spectator . June 2011
92 pts . Gosto Vinhos . 3rd place . Nov 2011
15.5/20 pontos . Revue de France . Nov 2014


Traditional port varieties, mainly Touriga Nacional, Touriga Francesa, Tinta Barroca and Tinta Roriz.


Served chilled as an aperitif or to accompany fois gras or maybe with that special dessert or cheese. Best of all serve Tonel 12 on its own and savour the complexity and extraordinary flavours of such a wonderful port. This Port has been lightly filtered and does not require decanting.


All our ports are made in the ‘house style’ namely slightly drier without any cloying sweetness that can be associated with some other ports. We also work hard making sure the brandy is well integrated. As with our wines, we search for harmony and equilibrium from our vineyards and we try to enable the grapes to express themselves in the bottle. The La Rosa style is to make well defined wines without too much extraction and tannin. Tawny Ports, by their nature are slightly oxidized in style, this means they can be kept open longer than Vintage ports. This Port can be left open for a few weeks when stored in a cool place with a vacuvin or cork.
It is a rich and elegant blend with wonderful aromas exuding the heat of the Douro. On the palate it is complex with powerful dried fruit, figs, honey and almonds with a long pleasing finish. It should be consumed within 2 to 3 years of bottling.


The Port is made each year in the traditional manner, trodden in granite lagares from grapes grown at Quinta de la Rosa. Each year we keep back a small quantity of our best ports LBV quality and above. It is from these stocks that we blend our Tonel 12. This blending occurs on a regular basis to ensure that stocks are always fresh. For many years, before 1988, when they started selling port under the La Rosa brand, the Bergqvist family used to go down to 'Tonel 12' (a large 25 pipe barrel kept in the lodge under the house) and fill their decanter full of delicious ten year old tawny direct from the barrel. To this day they still refer to Tonel 12, instead of ten year old tawny, and decided to keep the name on the label.


We practice a sustainable agricultural regime being part of ADVID & SATIVA.  We don’t use genetically modified organisms nor do we use animal products so vegetarians can drink our wines.  We recycle where possible and are HACCP & BRC rated.


The port is stored in small (550 litre) oak casks or "pipes" and it is from this selection of fine old ports that we blend our Tonel 12, this blending occurs on a regular basis to ensure that stocks are always fresh. Unlike most port shippers, all products are stored and bottled in the Douro (at La Rosa and not Porto), allowing full traceability and ensuring quality from grape to bottle. Sales of this very popular port sometimes have to be limited if demands exceeds supply.





Ready to drink
Made regularly
Total Acidity:
3,82 g/dm3
Volatile Acidity:
0.40 g/dm3
3,5 - 3,6
110 mg/dm3
Residual sugars:
95-110 g/dm3