Training System

"The majority of vines are unilaterally cordon trained which give well balanced vines that are simple to train and prune."

A training system in viticulture refers to the overall structure of the vine. There are many different types of training styles which are aimed at primarily producing quality fruit, sufficient yield, minimising the incidence of disease and facilitating cultural practices such as spraying and pruning.

Unilateral cordon trained

At La Rosa the majority of our vines are unilateral cordon trained. With this method the vines have a short trunk with a permanent branch or 'cordon' trained along a wire on one side of the vine. Along the cordon are a number of spurs which are subject to spur pruning every year - they are basically short fruiting canes with one or two buds. This type of training is relatively new to the Douro Valley but has become increasingly popular as it is a simple method of training the vine and is easier to prune.

Head trained

Some of our older vines are trained in the traditional way to a head of two short arms and in the dormant season are cane pruned to six to eight buds. This is also known as the Guyot System.

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