Trellis System

"By using a VSP Trellis we support the vine's canopy creating an ideal microclimate to grow grapes with excellent flavours and structure ."

The trellis system refers to the actual stakes, posts and wires that the grapevine grows on. Like with training the vine, there are many different trellis systems designed to manage vines of different capacities.

VSP Trellis

We mainly use the Vertical Shoot Positioning or VSP trellis which is ideally suited for a low vigour site such as at La Rosa. The trellis consists of a series of moveable wires which positions the shoots to grow up into a "curtain" of vertical foliage. This system suits our vineyards allowing for good air circulation and sunlight exposure into the canopy. In order to manage the canopy, we trim the shoots when the foliage begins to grow over the positioning wires at the top of the canopy several times a year untilharvest.

Simple Two Wire Trellis

In some of our older plantations, where the vines are head trained, the trellis consists of just two fixed wires placed one above the other. Here the cane is tied down onto the fruiting wire after pruning and the foliage grows up over the top wire. As this system is much more labour intensive, we have converted most of our vineyards to the VSP trellis.


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