Walking, picnics & swimming



You can go swimming in our refreshing pool or in the Douro River below the house.  The Douro is relatively clean and we all swim in it.  There are also river pools you can find to swim in along the tributaries of the Douro.  


Here is a taste of some of the wonderful walks in the area. 

Vale do Inferno - 20 minutes 

An interesting walk to the vineyard with some of the highest walls in the Douro. It was planted by Sophia’s great grandfather before the First World War.  Highly recommended.

Villa das Lamelas - 1.5 hours uphill

A strenuous walk through vineyards planted from 1985 to Lamelas villa where you have the most magnificent views of the Douro valley.

Up the Pinhão river

A beautiful walk up the Pinhao river, a small tributary of the River Douro.  Particularly special in Spring time.

​Provesende – 2 hours

A worthwhile walk to reach the beautiful village of Provesende with its run down baronial houses, a lovely square, café and church.

There are other walking routes available on request

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