Quinta de la Rosa has recently gone through a complete refurbishment of all its wine and port making facilities. This project had been in the design phase for over 7 years, construction finally started in December 2011 and was completed in August 2012, one week before the harvest started.

The major improvements have included:

  • A new purpose built gravity fed winery
  • Temperature controlled port and wine storage facilities
  • Improved de-stemming and unloading facilities

The new winery now has:

  • Four temperature controlled granite lagares – moved from our old winery – with an automated cap pusher
  • Six 10,000 litres temperature controlled fermentation tanks
  • One automated basket press

Quinta de la Rosa also shares a winery in Sabrosa with our sister vineyard Quinta das Banderias and their range of Passagem wines. The Sabrosa facility has a bottling line, an additional [14] fermentation tanks and presses.

All the ports at la Rosa are foot trodden and some of our Reserve table wines also undergo a cold maceration in the lagares before being transferred to stainless steel fermentation tanks.

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