Cozinha da Clara

With fabulous views over the river, we have recently opened a restaurant on the property, at Quinta de la Rosa, near Pinhão, in our grandmother’s name. 

Claire, our grandmother’s love of food was legendary as were her dinners at La Rosa around Nelson’s table, a copy of which we still have in the dining room.  She trained Maria do Conceição to cook a mixture of English, French and Portuguese food inspired by Elizabeth David and Constance Spry.  Claire was famous for her hospitality and generosity.   So it isn't surprising that we have opened a restaurant in her memory and I just hope we manage to do her justice. 

Claire was given Quinta de la Rosa as a christening present over 100 years ago by her grandmother.  She lived here, in the 1950s and 1960s, when the Douro was very remote and it took over 5 hours to drive to Porto.  She used to send a basket of fruit and vegetables by train to Augusto Leite (a famous merceiria, still in existence in Foz) and receive cheese, cream and other delicacies in return.

The philosphy of Cozinha da Clara is to serve local Portuguese cuisine at its best – simplicity is the key.  We also want to include a touch of the family’s heritage, by adding some of Claire’s favourite recipes.  Our executive chef, Pedro Cardoso, has worked in the Douro for over 10 years.  Using locally sourced products and vegetables from our garden (named “Paradise” by Claire), Pedro has developed many of his receipes from the Tras-os-Montes.

The food will be matched with wines from la Rosa as well as other nearby Quintas chosen by Jorge Moreira (wine maker) on a rolling basis.

The restaurant must boast as having one of the best views of the Douro River.  Originally built as a warehouse (armazém) it has been cleverly adapted by leading architect, Belem Lima.  Using local materials, schist for the floors and a wooden vaulted ceiling, Belem cleverly modernises the warehouse concept.

We hope that sitting around the tables at Cozinha da Clara is an extension of sitting around Nelson’s table.  Whether staying for a few nights or just eating a meal, we want to welcome our guests and offer them a ‘Quinta’ experience of staying on a family owned and run vineyard.

Dine at ‘Claire’s table’

Every evening at 19.30 guests can sit around “Claire’s dining table” and join other guests for a three course dinner party.  Chef Pedro Cardoso will produce a three course meal based on local Portuguese gastronomy whilst using the freshest produce.  Places are limited and need to be reserved.

Three glasses of wine are included in the menu – La Rosa white 2016, La Rosa red 2015 & Finest Reserve port, or you can opt for the Reserve wine selection. Water, coffee & tea included. Menu & wines € 50,00 / Menu with reserve wines € 60,00

Breakfast 7H30 - 10H00, Lunch 13H00 - 15H00, Tapas 15H00-18H00, Dinner 19H00 - 22H00


We are offering some tasting & lunch programes

Wine Maker’s Selection

Join us in one of our daily visits or book your private visit of winery & traditional wine & port cellars followed by lunch with a fixed menu (amuse bouche, main course & dessert) with tasting pours of La Rosa white, La Rosa Rosé 2016, Estate Red & LBV 2013. 

Price per person on the daily tour = €42,50

Price per person with a private vist = €50,00


For more €10,00 you can have the Winemaker’s Reserve Selection with tasting pours of La Rosa Reserve White, Reserve Red 2014, Ten Year Tawny & LBV 2013.