Tim Bergqvist

Tim spent most of his childhood living in Portugal with his mother at La Rosa. He was educated in England and after graduating from Cambridge University Tim joined Dunlop Company to work in Ghana, Lebanon and Italy. In Beirut he soon met Patricia and before long they were married and had three children, Sophia, Philip and Juliet. When his father died in 1971 he joined Eucalyptus Pulp Mills, the family's pulp company based in Portugal, as Deputy Chairman and his life was to become inextricably linked with Portugal once more.

Tim took over the running of La Rosa in 1972 when his mother, Clare, died. At this time La Rosa was a premium grower of grapes selling the fruit to Sandeman. The 1970's were a turbulent time in Portugal with a  communist revolution in 1974 which was soon over thrown a few years later. Luckily La Rosa survived and after the sale of Eucalyptus Pulp Mills in 1987 Tim and Sophia decided to launch La Rosa as a top quality port producer and later in the 1990's were pioneers in producing table wines from the Douro Valley.

Tim continued to be actively involved in the marketing and management of La Rosa until the beginning of this century.  Now he plays a lesser role but is always there as adviser and counsellor.

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