Our beers are not only influenced by our winemaking, but also by our family’s heritage and our deep connection with beautiful Douro valley. We aim to reflect the Douro’s storied history as well as it’s bountifulness in everything that we make.

We like IPAs with balance. Ours has a lovely malt character that gives the wonderfully juicy American hops a chance to shine. Dry hopped with Amarillo, Citra and Simcoe for a crisp yet aromatic treat.


A clean, malty lager with beautiful earth and spiced notes that come from pairing the freshest Perle and Hallertau Blanc hops. Its light bitterness makes it perfectly refreshing and ridiculously crushable.


the project

Quinta de la Rosa Craft Beer was born in 2017 when visiting Brewer Richard Naisby from Milton Brewery in Cambridge came to visit after a particularly wine-fuelled cricket tour. The idea was simple – adapt La Rosa’s wine equipment to see whether making the Douro’s first craft beer was possible.

Suffice to say it really resonated with Philip Bergqvist, who had long dreamed of making beer, and his nephew Kit, who had recently graduated from University having spent far too much time in the pub. In short, it was too good an idea to pass up. With very little brewing knowledge, a can-do attitude, and a lot of bravado, the two of them set about making their dream a reality. Over the last few years, they have honed their recipes and gradually invested in specialist equipment, all the while drinking a considerable amount of beer.

Nowadays, the idea has developed in something more ambitious. We want to take advantage of our unique position of having both a winery and brewery by blending decades of winemaking experience with our newfound passion for brewing. As such, our winemaker Jorge Moreira has been key to the development of the project by imparting his invaluable perspective throughout the brewing process.



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